29. This Car Is A Lemon (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian Language with Podcasts! Today let’s see what our hero Renzo is up to. After a romantic weekend in Rome, Renzo decides to drive his car a good six hours from Milano to Napoli to surprise Lucia. The surprise is great, except that Lucia is not very happy about Renzo’s car: she thinks it’s a “catorcio” (a lemon)… Let’s see what happens, and in the meantime let’s learn some very common colloquial Italian expressions. Have fun!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 29


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7 thoughts on “29. This Car Is A Lemon (Intermediate)”

  1. ciao massimo e jane, mille grazie. con l’aiuto di i podcasts ho imparato molto, quando avevo cominciato so di niente ma adesso sto migliorando e spero che io sappia di piu del questa pagina
    per favore scusa mio pessimo italiano ma devo insegnare io

  2. Ciao:
    Could the expression ‘che é una meraviglia’ (like a wonder) also be stated as ‘come una meraviglia’?

  3.  The dialogue transcript translates “straccio” (in 2 places) as “rug”. I think what’s meant is “rag”.

  4. ciao! i think the word meraviglia is best translated as a marvel rather than a wonder, as i think the two word are derived from the same thing. keep up the good work peeps!

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