1. A Coin In The Fountain (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod This is the first episode of a new series called “Culture Shot” (“Colpo di Cultura”, in Italian) that we’re adding to our podcasts. But what is it exactly? Culture Shot is a weekly small bite of culture coming from Italy. It’s something that, while reading Italian news online, we have found curious, funny, or entertaining enough to build an Italian lesson upon it. This way, you’ll get the chance to practice Italian while learning something new and somewhat useful about Italy as well! Benvenuti a “Culture Shot”, everybody!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 1


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11 thoughts on “1. A Coin In The Fountain (Culture Shot)”

  1. Ciao!

    Grazie per questi lezioni, mi ha aiutato molto!

    Ma, la lezione “A Coin In The Fountain” non è completto, ho ragione?

    Mi dispiace, se il mio italiano non è bravo!


  2. Ciao! Massimo e Jane
    come va?….Grazie mille per questa lezione, mi piace moltissimo, perqué veramente è un gran aiuto. Anche questa lezione e più interesante.

    Ciao e a presto!!

    il tuo amico

  3. Ciao Massimo e Jane.
    The two of you do an excellent job teaching the masses to speak Italian. I thank you.
    (for a second there, I couldn’t remember how to speak english. that’s how good you are!)
    I like the new ‘Culture Shots’. Great idea!

  4. I just finished the beginner lessons and started with Culture shot #1. This lesson goes way too fast. It should be labeled intermediate or advanced, or at least not say in the podcast that people who’ve gone thru beginner level are ready for this.

  5. Can you please explain “dandole le spalle”?
    I understand the meaning but not the construction. “dando’ (gerundio del verbo dare? poi, “dando le”?

  6. Harry, it’s “dando (gerundio del verbo ‘dare’) + le spalle + a lei (la fontana – le – feminine)” – “dandole le spalle”.

    Another example, using a masculine noun, “tavolo” (table): “dando + le spalle + a lui (table – gli – masculine)” – “dandogli le spalle”.

  7. So “dandole le spalle” means to throw the coin into the fountain “over the shoulder”? 

  8. Shirley, it’s “dando (gerundio del verbo ‘dare’) + le spalle + a lei (la fontana – le – feminine)” – “dandole le spalle”. The literal translation is “giving her the shoulders”. The meaning is “over the shoulders”.

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