24. Let’s Toast! (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian Language with Podcasts! Somebody once said: “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” Tonight she’s cooking, and she invited him over for dinner. He’s bringing wine, white Verdicchio because she likes it, and red Barolo because it goes with the meat. The evening sounds promising: let’s open a bottle, and let’s toast to a good time spent with a friend! And while having fun, let’s learn how to use the indirect object pronouns.

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 24


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25 thoughts on “24. Let’s Toast! (Intermediate)”

  1. ciao tutti,

    Am subscribed in your podcast and I have all the shows on my iPod, which are all very helpful to learn italian, although my italian is a bit more advanced. Perche io parlo l’italiano abbastanza bene. Pero il mio problema e scrivere l’italiano come si vede qui su questo comment.

    Volevvo chiedere se e possibile fare qualcosa riguardo a la scrittura in italiano nell vostro podcast, o maggari qualche sito dove io posso usare per imparare di scrivere in italiano senza problemi..

    p.s. Learn Italian pod is one of the best podcast to learn intalian online, therefore I wish u all the best.

    ogni bene,

    Hajra (nickname: Ari)

  2. I thought that “to buy” was translated as “comprare.” But in this lesson you use “comperare.” I’ve never heard this used before and was wondering what the difference between these two verbs is.


  3. Hi people I have been trying to continue my study of Italian since I left school in my own time, however I am struggling with the confidence to just talk and see where it takes me, any tips? Im very impressed with the website, keep up the excellent work!

  4. Hey guys it’s me again Michelle from Vicenza Italy!!
    Since then I have been studying with great improvement…my husband and daughter are both happier about this new find…so I study un po tutti i giorni..hope I am vero qua hahaha.
    So thanks again so much for providing this really great website fantastico!!
    I also want to say that I remember when I first came here and here the word “dai” (pronounced like the English “die”)…I literally laughed really hard when I learnt what it really meant..so guys check out this word as it is used with “Ma”..so it sounds like “ma dai!”..the Italians use it all the time..but don’t try saying that out loud to english speaking strangers ok? hahaha…find out the meaning and make a posting anyone..not sure if u have learnt it already but make a post. smiles
    Thanks LearnItalianPod
    u guys rock!

  5. Yes, “Ma dai!” is an expression used a lot in Italy – it can be translated with “But c’mon!” (literally “But give!”).

    The funny thing is, the word “dai”, which is from the verb “dare” (to give) really sound similar – if not the same – as the verb “to die”…

  6. Davvero? I thought it sounded more like “day”? Sono confuso… die, day …. you did say similar so maybe it’s a cross between the two?
    Buona notte

  7. Grazie mille 🙂 un’altra domanda per favore, does “hai” sound like “aye” or “I”

  8. I have a theory that the American expression “What gives?” comes from Italian-Americans translating “Ma dai!” but I could be wrong.

  9. “Mi manchi” means “I miss you”. This is a contraction of “Tu manchi a me”, which could be translated as “You are missed by me”.

    Please note that in English the subject is “I”, while in Italian is “Tu” (You).

  10. Wow this is all so wonderful Jane and Massimo!
    I have been offline for a while but now I am back ready to begin my lessons again.
    Today I have begun my downloads of the lessons on Ipod so that I will now be able to travel around with your wonderful voices stuck in my ears hahaha..es bellisime!!:))

    I am very exicted about the new year and I hope that before the year ends that I will be speak pretty good Italian to my friends and family here.
    Thanks again to the both of you

  11. Grazie Raggazzi..hope that is correct! smiles
    It is great to be back visiting here.
    I actually forgot to add that I have been telling everyone I know here in Italy and those many I know over the internet about this website.
    I have a few friends who will soon be coming over so I will also be sending them by to check you out and begin their learning experience.
    You guys are the best!

  12. ciao:
    For the expression ‘let me see’ can one say either ‘fammi vedere’ or ‘vediamo’ or ‘lasciami vedere’ in the sentence ‘Let me see what wine you have bought.’?

  13. ciao:
    Why does ‘m’ need to be doubled for ‘fammi’ but not for ‘lasciami’?

  14. According to my text book: “when any pronoun (except gli) is attached to one of these five verb forms–da’, di’, fa’, sta’, and va’–the first letter of the pronoun is doubled.” Note that those are all the tu forms of the imperative. I’m not sure if that is an exhaustive list though.

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