23. Asking Her Out (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod So, you really like her, don’t you? You’ve been thinking of asking her out, and waited for the right moment… There she is, a classic Italian beauty, and she’s talking to you. You nervous? What if she turns you down? What if you forget what to say? Relax! Play it cool, and tell her about that nice “posticino dove si mangia molto bene” (little place where one eats very well) you’ve discovered, and see if she’s going with you…

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 23


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10 thoughts on “23. Asking Her Out (Intermediate)”

  1. Wonderful – as always. Thank you for making your wonderful lessons available. I use them frequently.


  2. Cari Jane e Massimo! Grazie mille per il vostro buonissimo podcast! Sono russa. Ho cominciato studiare italiano da sola e solo per piacere. All’inizio il vostro podcast mi pareva facile ma adesso lo trovo molto utile. Purtroppo non sono stata in Italia mai, ma parlo spesso con i miei amici italiani sul internet.

  3. Ciao Massimo e Jane!

    In the sentence: Lo invitata fuori, why was “lo” used and not “la”?
    I thought “la” meant “her”?

    Molte grazie

  4. ciao:
    What does ‘ce’ mean in the expression ‘Ce l’ho fatta’? Also, why is it ‘fatta’ and not ‘fatto’?

  5. Marvin, “ce” could be translated with “questa (or quella) cosa”. That explains also why it is “fatta” (feminine) and not “fatto” (masculine). So the sentence could be thought as “I made (accomplished) this (or that) thing”.

  6. Divertente! Non so come va in Italia, ma in America io non penso che lo chiama. Come si dice “the brush off”. đŸ™‚
    Ciao e grazie

  7.  Concerning Marvin’s question and your reply concerning
    “Ce l’ho fatta” :

    l’ho= la ho o lo ho, where la/lo is direct object pronoun. Non e’ vero? This is true of the rest of the sentence “l’ho invitato fuori.”
    So what is the function of Ce (= ci before pronoun)?

    Grazie per il suo aiuto.


  8. Lionello, “ce l’ho fatta” is a very common Italian idiomatic expression – it means “I made it”, and the literal translation is “I have made it” (la ho fatta) – in this sentence the particle “ce” has no translation.

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