21. Let’s Talk Computers (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Imagine this: you are in Italy, and you want to use a computer. We mean a local computer… so you turn it on to check your e-mail and everything pops up in Italian. “Niente panico” (do not panic), after this episode you’ll be a master of the Italian computer lingo!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 21


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13 thoughts on “21. Let’s Talk Computers (Intermediate)”

  1. I am confused about one line in this dialogue. Shouldn’t “Vuoi che ti aiuti?” be “Vuoi che ti aiuto?”

  2. Hey Ragazzi,,not sure if I spelt that right lol but Yea this is a wonderful web site.
    I have been having a real hard time learning Italiano
    So I really hope that this works for me….so far so good I say.

    Jane and Massimo yOU are really doing a great Job here..please contact me anytime at my email.
    I really want to learn much faster has been way too long now.:))
    Thanking You or should I say
    Grazie Mille!!!
    Michelle Italia!

  3. When using stranger words in Italian you have to use Italian grammar rules: so, English plural words have to be written in the singular way. You should write “computer” and not “computers”

    So, you write “Ho visto due film” and not “Ho visto due films” and so on

  4. Olmo, you are correct. It’s “un computer, due computer”, different that the English “one computer, two computers”. I guess that comes from speaking English every day… Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. Ciao Jane e Massimo!

    Sono grata per il questo sito!
    Non vedo l’ora per il prossimo podcast!
    Se possibile, vorrei practicare di piu del congiuntivo (e molto difficile per me!)
    Grazie per tutti!
    a presto,

  6. Hello ,
    I’m confused about “niente panico!”Jane translated it as “don’t panic “..but i think Dont panic is an imparitive which i think should be” non panica!”
    is it correct?

  7. Dear Jane & Massimo,

    I am listening, and smiling, while listening to your latest ‘Culture Shot’, what a wonderful effort your podcasts are!

    I wish to learn Italian and a week ago I knew only about 10 words (and some of them were wrong!).

    Now when I go to my depot in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. To collect my parts for my days work, I can greet the depot manager (who is Italian) in Italian!

    Even more important, I can tell my wife I love her in this wonderful and expressive language..

    Grazie entrambi così molto, molto.
    (that’s not me (yet) that was Babelfish)

    Grazie molto

    Ian Prescott

  8. thank you for the podcast service and website. this is a great way to learn a new language, a little at a time. i need to learn a little italian for business and for a trip to Italy (soon!). Thanks for making learning Italian fun!

  9. massimo, ho una domanda!
    come si dice “mouse” in italiano. sempre é difficile di parlarle la lingua di computer in italiano e in spagnolo. questa lezione é multo practico. grazie!

  10.  Lucy,
    La parola per mouse é “topo.” C’è un tipo (comico) che aveva un topo (un burattino) si chiama “Topo Gigio.” Molto divertente.
    The word for “mouse” is “topo.” There was once a ccomic who had a mouse (a puppet) which he called “Topo Gigio.” The act is very funny and is still performed on Italian and Spanish tv. Check out Wikipedia for more information.

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