40. Let’s Play Tombola!

LearnItalianPod Today we are going to learn how to play tombola. But what is tombola exactly? Tombola is the same as the bingo game and it’s very popular in Italy among people of all ages. Tombola’s popularity increases during villages’ fairs in the summertime when it becomes an excuse for Italians to get out of the house and socialize. Enjoy this very relaxing lesson and feel the summer. Tombola!


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19 thoughts on “40. Let’s Play Tombola!”

  1. You wouldn’t believe it, I just got home from playing Tombola! 🙂 Is this a new feature of learnitalianpod whereby you start following people around too? You guys are so onto it! 😉
    I haven’t listened to this episode yet but Tombola is a whole lot of fun. I started playing it recently with a local Italian club and it’s the people that you’re socializing with thats makes it a great game – as well as the chance to win some money. I hate it though when I only need one more number and someone else shouts out Tombola! – grrr!! By the way, I wouldn’t recommend playing this game if you have some sort of heart condition!

    Ciao ciao

  2. I’m slowly working my way thru the podcasts, listening to them, and I realize the dialogue is usually done slowly/slower, which is good because it allows us to hear the words being spoken.

    May I suggest it includes a version of the dialogue being done at normal speed, as it would have been spoken between two Italians. I think that it might be nice to hear Italian spoken by fluent or native Italians!

    Great job by the way. Enjoyed it tremendously!

  3. Actually the latest episodes do have a version of the dialogue done at almost normal speed – that’s when Massimo says ‘let’s repeat the story one more time’ after the first time.

    When we say normal speed, we refer to the average speed that’s used by any Italian radio or tv hosts. The ‘everyday’ Italian, the one used within families and friends, may be a little faster.

    But it may be an idea to do an episode with all of the first dialogues re-done at normal speed.

    Thanks for a very helpful suggestion – will take into consideration.

  4. Hearing the language ‘in the wild’ is INDEED the one part of language learning that cannot be taught. …or at least, in no way that I know of. Language is definately a two way street, and there is no guaranteeing that the speakers you encounter will speak neat, unaccented schoolbook language.
    Truth is, for the most part, 75% or more of the people you meet anywhere will be speaking ‘non standard’ versions of their mother tounges.
    In a nutshell, lets just say that there are probably 20 different ways to answer the simple question “what time is it?” On the road, in the wild, you will hear every one of them, so you must be prepared.
    Now THAT is the glory of language learning, or your breaking point; You will have in your head the lang. the way it is supposed to be, but will hear it in a million other ways that you never could have guessed. The glory is that YOU MUST be on your toes. At all times.
    Speaking our own language at home, we practically can hold a conversation while asleep, so used to it we are.
    Speaking foreign languages causes us to be brightly awake while talking, in a way which we were maybe only at 7 years of age, when all was fresh and new. It has the effect of blowing dust off those partially used synapses.
    Well, I guess Ive jabbered enough for now. Auguri!

  5. I remember saying to an elderly woman once (not in Italy) Di dove e’ lei?, maybe she didn’t hear me properly; I ended up asking her in English, but she started waving her hands in front of my face saying no, no…just say di dove venni/e.

  6. “Di dove sei?” or “di dove e’ lei?” (polite) are two very common Italian expressions. The elderly woman was referring to “Da dove vieni?” (where do you come from?).

    In the everyday Italian, the former is more used when asking about people’s background (what country or city they are from).

  7. Hello Jane and Massimo – I live in the UK and am learning Italian….just wanted to say how wonderful your website is and how I am loving the dialogues. Have downloaded them all, but only got up to no. 7 – looking forward to working through them all.

    Thank you so much for providing this great service to all us Italian learners out there!


  8. Why don’t you repeat the part where you translate the italian to english three times anymore. I miss that. It helped me a lot. Love your pods though

  9. I agree with Joe, perhaps it is because I am a beginner. Thanks for the site. I can’t afford Rosetta Stone etc.

  10. Hello Jane and Massimo, how are you? I hope you are doing great, my name is Niels and I want to say that your podcasts are really great, I am from Perú and since I had learned English I was interested in another language but when I came across with your website and consecuently with your podcasts, I was really interested in Italian so I have more friend from Italy to practice through msn or by e-mail, everyday when I am going to my work I load my mp3 player and listen to the podcasts all the way, I am becoming and Italian speaker little by little, thanks a lot.

    Regards from Perú

  11. Dear Massimo and Jane

    I am enjoying the podcasts and the expanded vocabulary available in the lesson directory. I do believe the Quizes are a bit basic however. Could you expand by adding another 5 questions that would really test understanding of the grammer..? This may not appeal to everyone, but for those who want to master understanding it would be helpful. I realize you want everyone to “feel” successful and simple is encouraging, but some may want more of a challange. Grazie mille, Pat

  12. Caro Massimo, In the dialogue transcripts for lesson 40 it is written Potere vincere con la terna ect. should it not be votete vincere? At first I thought I was not learning anything but as you say five minutes a day does make a difference plus more!

  13.  This website is great for learning italian! But would it be possible to allow free dialogue and quiz for the first say 20 beginner lessons ? or first 5 of each category or something for those who cant afford? thanks in advance! ciao!

  14. Ho giocato Tombola uno i nuovi anni ed ho vinto 1 bottiglie di vino. Un’altra persona ha vinto un grande gourde. Abbiamo avuti divertimento.

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