Phrasebook #3: Colors & Transportation

LearnItalianPod Let’s dive straight into the fourth and fifth useful sections of the Italian Phrasebook, which are colors and transportations (bus, train, taxi, and how to ask for directions). We’ll practice a lot of useful expressions and words. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Phrasebook #3: Colors & Transportation”

  1. Hi:
    Thanks SO VERY MUCH for doing this podcast… it’s very helpful. I have been trying to learn with tapes in my car, and while I know “un po l’Italiano… MOLTO po…” your podcasts are very helpful. There’s no one here to practice with, and I need all the input I can get!

    Mille Grazie, BG

  2. Dear fellow:
    You are simply the best. I have been looking for a site and now I found. Congratulations to everybody.
    Here in Brazil, we say, like italians, voi siete il burro del burro.
    Sto imparando molto. Grazie mille.
    Eduardo, from Brazil

  3. Ciao a tutti,
    Io mi chiamo Daniele . I knew a bit a bit of Italian before using this service, now i know tons. Molto grazie.

  4. Podcasts in the Phrasebook series are very helpful lessons. They move at a good pace and have some of the most useful info. Can we more like this?

  5. This is such a great resource. Just a quick note to let you know the link for phrase book #3 is broken. Keep up the good work. Molto grazie!

  6. Bok svima (croatian for “ciao a tutti)
    this is the most useful site i´ve found on the internet and believe me i´ve searched a loooot. Tnx for great phrase books..

  7. I’m a daily visitor to your site since I subscribed – living in Tuscany, and hopeless at languages, you are my lifeline! Thank you. I too look forward to more phrasebook units.

  8. Ciao Massimo e Jane!

    Why was potete used in “potete mostrarmelo sulla carta”?
    Why not puo’?

  9. Lyna, “potete” is plural – in this case the question was asked to more than one person, like a little group of people. You would use “puo’ mostrarmelo sulla carta” when asking to one person.

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