39. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

LearnItalianPod “Wake up and smell the coffee”, taken literally. In today’s episode, we are going to describe Jane & Massimo’s morning routine, and by doing so, we are going to learn how to use Italian reflexive verbs. These are verbs having an identical subject and direct object. And you, what do you do when you wake up?


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10 thoughts on “39. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!”

  1. I am really enjoying the podcasts but just noticed that during this episode, Jane apparently has breakfast and then goes to work stark naked!

  2. ciao,
    I have a question about the pronunciation of pettino and pettina. In the podcast the accent for ‘pettino’ came at the ‘i’ of ‘ino’. But for pettina, I heard the accent on the ‘e’ of ‘pe’. Did I hear correctly? And if I did hear coorectly, why the accent change?

  3. Marvin, with the verb “pettinare” the accent should be on the ‘e’ of ‘pe’. Where exactly did you hear the accent on the ‘i’ of ‘ino’? I went through the podcast and could not find it.

  4. A question about “alzarsi” vs. “svegliarsi”. Does “alzarsi” mean “to get up” whereas “svegliarsi” is “to wake up”?

  5. Here in Lesson 39 we see “ogni sera…” etc. In Lesson 29 we saw “tutte le settimane…” etc. Are there just two sets of completely interchangeable phrases here (e.g. could I say “tutte le sere…”) or are some of the possibilities not idiomatic and not used?

  6. As a general rule, expressions like “ogni sera” and “tutte le sere”, “ogni giorno, settimana, etc” and “tutti i giorni, le settimane, etc.” are interchangeable.

  7. Hi. I’m an English teacher and I’ve been studying Italian for 2 years now. I find your podcast really helpful and practical. Thank you for your valuable effort. Keep up the good job.

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