15. A Weekend With Friends (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Today we are going to hear a dialogue about two friends making plans for the weekend, and we will learn how to use the conditional tense. By the way, you have any plans for the weekend? Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to enjoy life, and… to practice Italian!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 15


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5 thoughts on “15. A Weekend With Friends (Intermediate)”

  1. I love your podcasts!

    Could you explain a little more the expression “Ho voglia di stare in compagnia?” Why are you using the present subjunctive?


  2. “Ho voglia di” is a very common Italian expression that is litterally translated “I want of” (which has no meaning in English).

    What it really means is “I have the desire of..” or “I feel like…” – It’s a very common way to express intention + desire of doing something.

    The form “avere voglia di” is actually composed of
    verbo avere (to have) + voglia (that you can translate as the willingness – derived from verb volere – to want) + preposition di

    The expression “Ho voglia di stare in compagnia” is equivalent of “Voglio stare in compagnia”, but is more subtle and not as strong – expressing desire of doing something and not only willingness.

  3. I thought that “Vorrei” was more polite than “Ho voglio di”.
    E’ correcto?

  4. “Vorrei” (I would like…) is used to express the “intention” to do something while “Ho voglia di” (I feel like…) is used to express “desire” to do something.

    I would agree with you saying that “vorrei” is more polite than “ho voglia di”.

  5. i’m confused with the use of “I miei”
    1) why is the “I” capitalized. is that something grammatical, or was that a typo?
    2) why/when do you use miei vs. mio or mia?

    grazie massimo!

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