33. A Visit From A Friend

LearnItalianPod What’s better than a visit from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time? The only thing is, your friend is from Italy, and only speaks Italian. In today’s lesson, we are going to learn how to conjugate and use a very common verb: “potere” (can).


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5 thoughts on “33. A Visit From A Friend”

  1.  va is the third-person conjugation of andare (to go)
    bene is an adverb meaning well

    so when you say va bene
    it literally means it goes well/ it’s going well

  2.  Salve, Massimo:
    I have just jumped in to the Beginner section for more practice to augment the start I have made on the Pimsleur program I got from the library. (I am trying to catch up with my wife who is a year ahead of me, but I’m trying to do it all by ear, without reading, the way I learned my first language).
    In this lesson and in ‘Wake up and Smell the Coffee’ I think I hear you pronouncing the letter ‘z’ with a Castilian ‘theta.’ I don’t hear that on the Pimsleur material. Am I hearing it correctly? Is that a standard Italian variant?

    Mille grazie,

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