32. What A Beautiful Morning

LearnItalianPod Giovanna (aka Jane) is definitely a daytime person. She likes early morning best, and the earlier, the better. Massimo, ehm… the opposite. In today’s lesson, we are going to learn and conjugate verbs ending in “ire”, like “dormire” (to sleep) and some useful expression we can use to describe people’s habits. Are you a nighttime or daytime person?


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9 thoughts on “32. What A Beautiful Morning”

  1. hahaha 😆 great!!, hmm nightime or morning person 😕 depends 😛 nel weekend sono dormigliona 😆 during the week mi sveglio alle 05:00 😯 haha
    im loving the pod casts!! keep it up!!

  2. Could you tell me the literal Italian translation of “si alza” and “mi alzo” and “ti alzi” in this lesson? What is the root word that these conjugations come from?

  3. @Steve
    mattino and mattina are both correct, very common and used with the same meaning – morning.

    The verb is “alzarsi” (to get up, to rise), it’s a reflexive verb and requires a reflexive pronoun. Literal translations: “I get myself up, you get yourself up, he/she gets herself up”, etc.

  4. ciao! if i conjugate the other verbs you mention here, would it be: noi sentiamo, voi sentite, loro sentono.
    noi apriamo, voi aprite, loro aprono.

    is that right? the loro ones look so strange!

  5. Ciao a tutti !. in this lesson you use two words for she. lei and sie in the same sentence. what is the reason for this , and are they interchangable?

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