10. What Is The Weather Like? (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod What is the most talked about subject in the world – THE real conversation opener? That’s right, the weather! So let’s learn some handy expressions you can use when you desperately need to keep a conversation going, but you run out of ideas. “Nice weather tonight, huh?”

Intermediate Level – Lesson #10


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9 thoughts on “10. What Is The Weather Like? (Intermediate)”

  1. :mrgreen: its great!! 😀 , 🙄 tutta la settimana scorsa era piovoso , but now :mrgreen c’e sole 😛 e un po’ caldo hahaha 15 C’

  2. Thanks for your effort in teaching italian. I’m brasilian and I am learning italian with you.

    Tchau !

  3. Can you help me understand why it’s “a” Venezia but “in” inverno while we of course say in Venice in winter?

  4. About the example “a Venezia in inverno” – the rule is to use “a” with city’s names, and “in” with season’s names.

    Keep in mind that prepositions in Italian are really difficult to grasp due to lack of… rules!

    By practicing and using the language everyday you’ll eventually “feel” what preposition is right to use.

  5. Ciao,
    In the expression ‘It is humid’ (è umido), the verb essere (not fare) is used. Is essere required with certain weather terms?

  6. Marvin, you can often use both “essere” and “fare” when talking about the weather. Example: “fa freddo”, “e’ freddo” –
    “fa umido”, “e’ umido”. Using the verb “fare” is more common.

  7.  Please could you tell me what is the significance of the expression ‘doppia bocca’ in relation to a house.

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