9. What A Party! (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod In today’s episode, we are going to hear about a fun birthday party, and a lucky girl that received some very nice presents. We’ll learn and practice more verbs and useful expressions using the past tense.

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 9


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5 thoughts on “9. What A Party! (Intermediate)”

  1. Hi there, I noticed that Jane said that the verbs in this lesson – ho saputo, hai compiuto, abbiamo ballato were all built with ‘to have’ and in lesson one we built the past verbs with ‘to be’ instead. You said it was because in the first lesson we were talking about movement(io sono andato) But isn’t – we went dancing -considered movement also?

  2. Nicole, the sentence “I went dancing” translates in Italian as “sono andato/a a ballare” (notice the construction: Io + sono andato + a + infinitive).

    And here’s an example using “avere” + “ballare”: “ieri sera ho ballato tanto” (last night I have danced a lot).

  3. ¬†Wouldn’t the “ho saputo” of the dialogue more naturally be “sapevo”, given that “knowing” is a continuous action?

  4. Hi Jane, I noticed that you pronounce “il computer” the same way we say it in English, but I thought to get that “yoo” sound in Italian the word is spelled with “iu” as in “compiuto” ?

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