30. Let’s Get Lost In Rome

LearnItalianPod We are spending a nice afternoon in Rome, first trying to find the Colosseum and then finding our way to the Bar Roma, where we’ll be tasting some delicious Chianti wine while facing the sunset. After learning how to ask for and understand directions, it’s finally time for us to… get lost! Ah, Rome, city of the soul!


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6 thoughts on “30. Let’s Get Lost In Rome”

  1. When you say “il bar e’ di fronte alla chiesa.” Can you also say “il bar e’ davanti alla chiesa.” or does it not matter?

  2.  Hi Jane e Massimo. Your lessons make learning Italian a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I have a question about the use of the word “giri”. I looked it up in my verb tables and it seems as though it’s either the tu form of the present or the Lei form of the present subjunctive. I didn’t think it could be the tu form because the conversation is between strangers so is it really the subjunctive? If so, why? Thanks again, Andy.

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