29. A Very Busy Guy

LearnItalianPod Let’s meet Lorenzo, a very busy kind of guy, always on the run: he calls the train he takes every morning “my office”. In today lesson, we are going to learn how to conjugate verbs ending in “ere”, like “prendere” (to take), “leggere” (to read), and “scrivere” (to write).


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4 thoughts on “29. A Very Busy Guy”

  1. Ciao! Can you tell me the significance of the word “al” in the phrase “al cellulare” in this lesson. Can you tell me other examples of the use of the word “al”?

  2. David, the preposition “al” means both “on” and “to”.

    The example “al cellulare” means “on the cellphone”. Ex: “chiamami al cellulare” (call me on the cellphone).

    Another example is “andiamo al mare” (let’s go to the sea). As you can see, in this example “al” means is used as “to”.

  3. the expression

    come si scrive……

    is answered, si scrive …

    It seems to me that this is the reflexive use of scrivere, namely scriversi.

    I am confused however by the expression and response
    si scrive….. does it translage into “you write yourself” and is it used regardless of the number of people that you ask.. in other words if you ask come si scrive to a group of people.. do you use si scrive or vi scrive.


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