28. At The Hotel

LearnItalianPod One of the best way to enjoy Italy is renting a car, driving through the countryside, and stop for the night at a typical family-run small hotel. Let’s make sure that making a reservation and checking in at that cozy Italian hotel is going to be easy and fun by practicing these simple but very useful sentences.


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4 thoughts on “28. At The Hotel”

  1. 😛 i love it ! hehe great job guys , ma nn credi che un podcast su il festival di SanRemo would be a good idea ? :mrgreen: 😛 it is Italys largest music contest 😆 😛 hehe e iniziato ieri , con Anna Tatangelo cantando , ma :mrgreen: sabato c’e Laura :mrgreen: con “Lei” (from the Barilla Commerical 😆 ) e La Solitudine , e credo che anche un duetto insieme a Eros con “Volare” but im not sure 😛 😕 but anyways 😀 keep up the good work!!

  2. I love your podcasts. I am taking Italian currently and this is GREAT! Grazie!

  3. Massimo asks for a “camera”, the receptionist at the hotel gives a “stanza”. I guess the two words both mean “room”. Is there a significant difference in their meaning and usage? Can we safely use them interchangeably?

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