27. A Postcard From Capri

LearnItalianPod Some says you haven’t see Italy if you haven’t see the marvelous Isle of Capri. We wouldn’t go that far, but truth is, if you don’t stop there, you’re missing out. So let’s spend a nice afternoon in Capri, looking at the blue sea, relaxing, and writing postcards – in Italian – to your friends back home. Now this is living!


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5 thoughts on “27. A Postcard From Capri”

  1. Hey guys!
    I’m loving the podcasts…I’m surprised on how easy it is to learn Italian, keep it up!

    I have a question though, in english there’s the expression “hugs & kisses” the one we use in valentine’s day cards, letters, etc. , is there an expression like that used in Italy?

  2. voi siete molto buffo!
    is that right? i looked up “funny”, and that looks like buffalo to me. so i don’t know! the “i left my heart in capri” made me laugh…and jane answered with my thought exactly! hahahaha

  3. What’s the difference between:

    Ci vediamo & A presto

    Why is it in first place io and not Jane in:

    Cari amici, oggi io e Jane siamo a Capri.

  4. “A presto” has the same meaning as “see you soon”, while “ci vediamo” literally means “we see each other”, and it is used with the meaning of “see you, see you later”.

    It could be “oggi Jane ed io siamo a Capri” but in the “everyday” Italian is more likely to be “oggi io e Jane siamo a Capri”.

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