2. Talking Movies (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Do you like watching movies? What’s your favorite one? This second intermediate level lesson talks about Italian movies and focuses on the use of the espression “Mi piace” (I like). See you at the movie theater, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 2


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9 thoughts on “2. Talking Movies (Intermediate)”

  1. I really love this podcast! I went to Italy last summer for 6 weeks without a lot of knowledge of the language. It was pretty hard to get around at times.
    Could you recommend your favorite books to learn Italian with? With the help of your lessons, I hope to be able to live in Italy for a couple of years!
    Thank You!

  2. “i baci dentro ai cinema…siamo noi” 😆 heheheh .. complimenti!! :mrgreen: ..hmm la mia film preferita e “Message in a Bottle” in italiano “Le parole che non ti ho detto” e un film bellisimo!..anche la musica 8) ehehe “One more time” da Laura 😆 ..ancora complimenti!! e ricorda a fare quell’ lezione su Laura :mrgreen: 😉


  3. Brian,

    Jane uses notes and a bunch of different books to put together her lessons, so there’s not a “favorite book” to recommend. We are working on a directory of books to learn Italian with, we’ll be posting that soon on the site.

    Two years in Italy?! WOW! That’s a lot. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Ciao e Buona Fortuna!


    Laura’s lesson is coming up…

    Thanks for your support. People like you make it worth for us doing all of this.


  4. 🙂 no need to thank me :mrgreen: …thanks to both of you! 🙂 :mrgreen: and yes Laura 😛 for starting it all ..7 long years ago 😛 😆 and thanks to both of you i can brush up on my italian and learn more 🙂 its great! …ora solo mi lascia andare a Milano e conoscere a Laura 😆 haha o andare a un concerto :P..


  5. I have a question about the use of the word “ed” seemingly to mean “and”. My grammar book makes no mention of this word. Could you explain?

    Thanks for your time. I really enjoy the podcasts and website.

  6. Hi. I’ve studied Spanish for a few years now, and have just started learning Italian through your podcasts. I’ve been trying to notice similarities between Spanish and Italian to help me learn better.

    In Spanish, the word for “I like” (me gusta/gustaron) literally translates to “it/they please me” and that’s why there are different forms for it. The verb “gustar” means “to please” and it has to be conjugated to match whatever it is that pleases you. Is “mi piace/piacciono” the same way in Italian? What would the infinitive be? Piacere? Thanks!

  7. Have just signed up for learnitalianpod and think it is good, but I think i am somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Sometimes find it difficult remembering sentences to repeat in the time given, but I guess I am just slow. Have you any more tips? Am now living in Italy and never been any good at languages, so at 45 a big challenge. Many thanks

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