22. Let’s Meet Mr. Perfect

LearnItalianPod Do you believe in Mr. Perfect? Jane does. She’s going to tell us everything about her friend Mr. Ricci, a tall, fit, handsome, and nice young fellow. While listening to the story, we are going to learn some useful sentences that we can use in describing someone’s personality.


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7 thoughts on “22. Let’s Meet Mr. Perfect”

  1. Grazie for teaching me italian. I am half italian because of my family. My grandmothers are from Florence. One of my grandma always speaks italian around me so I pretty much know a lot. I learned some new things though. This summer I am going to Italy with my family.

  2. thanks for your effort. and is there any posibility to add those dialogs in written format as well ??? so that we can learn how to spell the words. and thank you again for helping people who learn italian.

  3. Can you tell me about the use of the word “ed” in the third phrase of this lesson? I have not seen this in previous lessons. I’m guessing it is another way to say “and”. Is it used often before a word that begins with a vowel?


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