21. At The Italian Trattoria

LearnItalianPod Somebody once said “The trouble with eating Italian food is that 5 or 6 days later you’re hungry again”. Make it 10 days, if you go to a real Italian Trattoria! Let’s learn how to order pasta with bolognese sauce, bistecca ai ferri, mixed salad and (a lot of) good wine. Aren’t you hungry already? We are – see you at the Trattoria!


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8 thoughts on “21. At The Italian Trattoria”

  1. grazie ancora! 🙂 😉 anche questa lezione 😛 e molto utile hahaha x il giorno che sono andata a italia … ma 😯 ora ho fame da morire!! 😆


  2. Oh I listen to italian podcast every day with my MP3 player. I have just finished lesson 20 it is not so difficult for me to understand everything during every lecture. I am very satisfied with this class for biginer. J’ai déjà essayé d’apprendre cette jolie langue, italian un peu avec plusieurs bouquins. Je suis vraiment desole d’ecrire mal car je suis japonais(^_^;)
    I hope that every one will understand what I said.

  3. My name is Bjorn Egeland, I am 46 years old, and am learning Italian to better communicate with Italian customers, + to pursuit my passion for Italian food and classical history.

    This was a very good supplement to my Italian class which I take here in Stavanger, on the southwest coast of Norway.

    I listen to the Italian lessons on my ipod on the bus on my way to work, or when I am taking an evening walk.

    I have been studying Italian for one a half year now, starting with a beginner course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Siena, in Italy.

    I am hoping for some examples of how to use POTERE in different situations.

    Best regards

    Bjørn Egeland

  4. Ciao! In this lesson, what is the literal translation of the word “come” in the phrase “E come contoro?”

    I think the most common use of “come” in Italian translates to “how” in English. Does it mean “as” in English in this particular lesson? Is it commonly used to mean “as” in other Italian phrases?

    I absolutely love your website, as I prepare for a trip to Rome, Naples, Sorrento, and Capri in April.

    Felice Anno Nuovo!


  5. David, the phrase is “e come contorno?” – It means “and as side dish?”.

    You are correct when saying that the most common use of “come” in Italian translates to “how” in English. However, “come” is also used with the meaning of “as”.

    Example: “Studio l’Italiano come seconda lingua straniera”
    “I study Italian AS second foreign language”.

  6. hi im rana

    im from EGYPT AND IM 18 ,i want to say that this site is awesome

    i feel stubid coz my name is rana which mean (frog) in the italian language 🙁

    :)really thnx for this site it is the easiest way to learn italian language

    i just have a question i want to know the correct spelling for (mix salad)

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