20. My Italian Girlfriend

LearnItalianPod So you have a nice Italian girlfriend and of course everybody wants to know what her name is, what she looks like, and so on. Get ready to answer some personal questions – Italians can be pretty nosy, sometimes! Wait a second… what if you have an Italian boyfriend? Practice the lesson, change the gender of the adjectives, and tell us about him – we are all ears!


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11 thoughts on “20. My Italian Girlfriend”

  1. 😛 ok ..haha vi diro 😆 il mio ragazzo ha 22anni,hai i capelli castani scuro,non e italiano lui e di El Salvador … (ma il suo cugino abita a Roma 😆 8) ) …e la cosa migliore e che lui e fan di Laura ahahah… 😆 ,anche nella amore la pausini aiuta…ok haha i think i’ve said to much!..
    a presto!

  2. This is great. I just downloaded everything to brush up on my Italian (been getting very rusty), but I also hope some intermediate lessons will be put up soon. 🙂

    PS: Anch’io amo Laura Pausini. B) Sono grande tifosa.

  3. Je me souviens de mon voyage de Bologna. En ce moment-là, j’ai rencontré en vrai une italienne que j’avais rencotrée sur site de rencontre. Lors de mon séjour, je parlais l’anglias en général avec elle. Mais comme j’étais timide, je parlais très peu… Quand même elle m’a invité chez elle très gentillement.
    Moi, je trouve que cette leçon 20 est très utile pour qu’on puisse poser des questions un peu personelle aux italiens.

  4. The sentence “Ha la tua ragazza i capelli biondi?” ,
    can it also be said “La tua ragazza ha i capelli biondi?”

  5. a few things…
    1. the audio in this one is a little weird. it distorts a little bit.
    2. do italians really ask questions like, “is she FAT?” lol. i know in dominican republic they say it as a compliment, “¡tu estas gorda!”
    3. io ho il ragazzo e si chiama roman. lui e alto e ha i capelli nero.

    that’s all i could muster together.

  6. Lucy, your Italian is excellent – brava! Italians don’t really ask questions like “is she fat”, unless they ask the question to a very close friend – even when they do so, it’s never with the intent of being disrespectful – more as a way to joke a bit.

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