19. Let’s Have Breakfast

LearnItalianPod Wake up! It’s a beautiful morning in Venice, the sun is shining, and we’re going for breakfast! Get a cup of nice Italian coffee, strong and aromatic, and you’ll feel ready for anything. Wait a second… do you know how to order a coffee or a cappuccino in Italian? Sure you do – after this lesson.


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6 thoughts on “19. Let’s Have Breakfast”

  1. great Lesson! …gia sono diventata pazza 😆 the italian is taking over everything else 😯 😆 !! i go to the store ,buy something ,get a recipte and say “grazie” 😆

  2. your site is great! i really appreciate it, esp being free and everything. thanks heaps.
    it’s a very good way to learn a language, hearing it, practising saying it (as opposed to dull textbooks). Italian is so wonderfully clear and easy to pick up compared to French or German. Or at least, your site makes it feel that way.
    thankyou for making the effort, it’s really helped me, a complete beginner.

  3. is “brioche” a french word? I’m asking because I would think that it would be pronounced differently – with a hard che sound – if it were italian. just wanted to make sure. 

  4. Ciao Massimo!

    When do you use il and l’?

    Do you say… io parlo il italiano or io parlo l’italiano? or

    Io capisco un po’ il italiano or un po’ l’italiano…?

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