17. To Have Or Not To Have

LearnItalianPod Learning verbs and remembering their correct usage could be a daunting task for anyone, we know, but it doesn’t need to be boring. Today, we’ll talk about cars, cats, and family, using and practicing the verb “To Have”. And we’ll see some funny things about it.


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6 thoughts on “17. To Have Or Not To Have”

  1. Great podcast! 😉

    But I really wanted to know why “un auto” and “due auto” and not “due auti”? Isn’t that the rule for plural? “o -> i”?


  2. This is a good question – “auto” is the abbreviation of “automobile”. So it would be “una automobile” and “due automobili”. The abbreviation “auto” is more common than the complete name “automobile”.

  3.  A good podcast.

    A useful verb at an early stage. But if it is used in the third person plural, as, ‘You have to have….’ would this verb be used twice.

  4. In lesson #17, I don’t understand what Romans say when you ask them if they have a car. It sounds like che chai??

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