15. How Old Are You?

LearnItalianPod Let’s introduce and practice the verb “To Have” by learning how to ask for someone’s age.


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10 thoughts on “15. How Old Are You?”

  1. Lesson 15, Lesson, transcript and dialogue expansion. Audio is not working in last two entries.

  2. I can hear the “h” when Jane pronounces “ho” and “hai”. My text books say that “h” is not pronunced in Italian and is only a spelling convention. I don’t hear it on other Italian recordings. Is this Jane’s Italian dialect?

  3. As a general rule, the “h” in Italian is silent. Still, sometimes you may hear it – especially in the everyday use of the language, particularly from north-eastern Italians, when the language is spoken at a very slow speed, like in this episode.

    That is not really considered dialect, but a characteristic of the spoken language.

  4. Io ho una domanda. 

    In English, do you say, I am 38 or I have 38 yrs? Is because ho in Italian is to have.. or no?

  5.  Hi Erica,
    Quanto is the a masculine/singular word, and it’s plural is QUANTi.
    Quanta is a feminine/singular word and its plural is quante.

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