11. My Brother Is…

LearnItalianPod You do know how family is important for Italians, don’t you? Today Massimo is going to introduce his brother Giovanni. Learn how to introduce your relatives to “La Famiglia”.


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8 thoughts on “11. My Brother Is…”

  1. When is it proper to use abitare instead of vivere?…such as : “Abitiamo qui insieme” or “Io vivo a Cosenza.” What is the difference?
    Thanks, I love the podcasts.

  2. “Abitare” literally means “to dwell”, while “vivere” translates with “to live”, both with the same meaning of being resident and in the broader sense of being alive.

    When speaking of an address, abitare is more properly used than vivere.

  3. I was just wondering about the quiz for this section, shouldn’t it be mia sorella instead of mio sorella? If I’m wrong can you explain why it is mio sorella?
    Many thanks, finding the podcasts really helpful and easy to use.

  4.  Where is the indefinite article for psicologo? i dont hear it.

    lo = the -definite article
    un = “a” indefinite article

    Lui è “un” psicologo.

    Just like english we do not say. He is psychologist. We say he is a psychologist.

  5.  Hi Brian,

    When you are speaking of profession you do not use the article. It’s just one of those ‘just the way it is’ things.

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