7. To Be Or Not To Be

LearnItalianPod How many nice things you can say with this verb! Roll up your sleeves and practice, you are going to use it a lot once you go to Italy. Because you’re planning on going soon, right?


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11 thoughts on “7. To Be Or Not To Be”

  1. Ciao!!!!…queste idea e fantastico!!!..hehehe i live in Canada but my parents are from Mexico and Cuba…cosi parlo spagnolo anche inglese…e heheh l’italiano l’ho imparato grazie a una cantante italiana! Laura Pausini!! 😀 lei e belissima!! grande!! 😀 ma ora grazie a queste podcast potrei imparare piu!! hehe all i have learned has been on my own… but great idea!! keep up with it!!

    a presto!!!!!

  2. casptia!!! 😀 non ci credo !! hahaha.. 😛 you should try and get her to teach a lesson :mrgreen: ..sara incancellabile!!! 😆

  3. such luck!! to see Laura in concert… but hey my time should come!!! almost 8 years of being her fan :mrgreen: ..i started knowing nothing of italian and now…ahahaha i can understand and read almost 100%.. speaking and writing ..well its getting thier!!

  4. Hello,
    I am from the United States and my friend, Tama, told me about your web site with these free lessons, because she knows that I want to learn Italian. I also speak Spanish, which would make it easier for me to pick up the Italian language. I feel like these lessons are helping me improve my vocabulary as well as my listening skills. Most of the Italian that I know, I learned from the Italian singers, Laura Pausini, and Paola e Chiara. These lessons are great! I can’t wait to learn more! 🙂

  5. Quick question!! Because I am writing my own notes I would just like to clarify that “la tua famiglia” is correct? Yes or no?

  6. I would love a lesson on more informal Italian, i.e., currently popular slangy terms. Per favore!

  7.  i just want to thank you for this terrific website. when i worked at the miami internatinoal airport in miami, i had a chance to interact with italian passengers. parlo un po e veramente penso che l’italiano e la lingua piu bella nel mondo. spero di migliorare e ora ho trovato una fantastica opportunita grazie a voi. sono sicuro che ho fatto molti errori ma sbagliando s’impara. ciao e tanti auguri.

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