4. How Are You Today? (Beginner)

LearnItalianPod They say that you really speak a language when you know how to express feelings. Impress your new Italian friend with a simple “How are you today?”


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11 thoughts on “4. How Are You Today? (Beginner)”

  1. Hello,
    Your podcasts are absolutely delightful! Thank you. I would like to point out to you that the link to lesson #4 is not working.

  2. Buongiorno a tutti!

    lm a yr 6 student doing Italian this yr e lm half Italian. I love the Italian way e this has really helped me!!!


  3. In the supplementary vocabulary you say..Io sto bene and Io sto male……Why ‘sto’ and not ‘sono’?..Are we not expresssing feelings?


  4. Thanks for the podcasts! I’ve got a pretty good background in Spanish which makes it easy to understand the lessons, plus as a child my great grandparents spoke nothing but Italian so dimly lit areas of memory are becoming bright spots again.

  5.  At times, both Jane and Massimo pronounce “Venezia” with a lisp–“Venethia”. At other times it’s pronounced in the standard way. Is this because of regional differences in pronunciation? Massimo also does this with “Grazie.”

  6.  Found the site just today and have already added many new words to my vocabulary

  7. Ciao
    How would ask someone who is italian…..’Please speak slowly as I am only starting to learn Italian’


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