1. Say Hello To Your Italian Friend! (Beginner)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! The big day has finally come: you land in beautiful Florence, Italy, get off the plane, and say “ciao” (hello) to your Italian friend! Let’s begin our trip to Italy by learning how to greet and how to ask simple questions (and give simple answers).


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82 thoughts on “1. Say Hello To Your Italian Friend! (Beginner)”

  1. Hi, I think this is a great idea!
    I always wanted to learn some Italian, my grandfather is from Abruzzi and he could only speak Italian. I wish I knew how to talk to him.

  2. I started studying italian some time ago with a 20 year old textbook. the cassettes (yes they still used them) in those days) were missing so i always had to guess the right pronounciation. i’m glad that i can now study that aspect too!

  3. This is great! I can learn on-the-go! The best of this is that we can repet over and over and over again the lessons until we get it right.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Grazie, Thank you, Je vous remercie…
    Moi, personellement, j’ai une amie suisse qui ont beaucoup d’ami(e)s italien(ne)s. Lorsque je suis alle au restaurant italien avec elle et ses enfants pendant le sejours de Geneve, j’ai rencontre beaucoup d’italien. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas bien compris ce qu’ils ont dit… malgres que mon amie comprend tout…En plus je suis deja alle a Blogna pour rencontrer une italienne. Elle etait extrement gentille.
    J’ai trouve par hasard votre site. I find that it is very nice for me to learn italien as very beginer. I am Japanese.
    I think that I will be able to continue Italian lessson with your web site.

  5. Hi, thanks for your podcast! It’s good idea and I see that it’s keep going! So everybody who want to learn, just should stay tune.

  6. Do you have any hard copies of your diologes cause I’m really a visual learner and it would help me so much more to see the words. I could remember them so much better. I know this to be true after three years of French and two years of Latin. Thank you so much for anything you can do.

  7. Chandler,

    Hard copies of the dialogues and supplementary vocabulary are going to be posted on the website very soon (our goal is to make it live by February 12). They will be accessible to registered members of LearnItalianPod. Stay tuned!

  8. I love what your doing, I’ve been dying to pick up another language. I’m so excited to spout out phrases to my dad, he’ll be so impressed:)!! Thanks!

  9. I have wanted to learn Itailan for a long time now, and these podcasts have given me the chance to try.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. This site is so awesome!!

    I’m going to add it as a link from my own web site. I’m going to listen to all the mp3’s on my trip to Amsterdam this week. Keep up the good work!! I don’t get enough chance to hear/speak Italian, and this is a great way to keep the language in my ear.

  11. this is a great way to learn about other cultures without having to leav your home

  12. I love your website. My fiance is italian and so is my brother in law, this is great!

  13. Grazie Jane e Massimo! Sono felice per LearnItalianPod.com. La mia italiano e’ molto male. (But it’s getting better!)

  14. My teenage boys are going to go to boarding school in Italy. Although their classes will be in English, I want that all of us gain a working knowledge of Italian in order to better enjoy the experience. Podcasts are such a wonderful way for all of us to learn together, although we are physically apart! Thanks!

  15. Hi I from Poland …:) I want so say hello in Polish 🙂 CZEŚĆ !!! or HEJ 😉 =* I have boyfriend from Italia :)) and he is sweet=* Saluto

  16. My family and I are looking forward to visiting Italy at the end of June and I’ve greatly appreciated listening to these podcasts. Fastastic job!

    I’ve been curious on your choice of typically using the familiar ‘tu’ rather than the more polite ‘Lei’. I imagine most of my conversation attempts will be more formal in nature…

    Also, I’ve been using Pimsleur Italian which uses an interesting question-answer format. I’m finding that having mutiple resources is very beneficial to my learning.

    Anyway, your podcasts are very intertaining as well as instructional.


  17. Thank you so much!! I saw a thing in Jane magazine about this and I just had and I mean I had to check it out and I am very impressed. My Grandmother and Grandfather were from Italy and I always wanted to speak Italian ever since I was young. Thank you so MUCH!!

  18. I just wanna say, good work! It’s a great way to learn by listening to Italian actually being spoken. Reading “Italian for Dummies” helps, but this brings it to a whole new level!

  19. Saron says:-
    Thank you so much for this web site I am studying Italian and makes a change to hear/see a different level of italian than the subjects that you find in self taught books.

    Keep up the good work

  20. Hi, thank you sooo much for your podcasts and lessons they mean so much to me. Im 14, and my grandmother is one of the biggest influences in my life, and she speaks italian. She always told me such wonderful stories about growing up in Sicily, and how much she wish I new the italian langauge better… So I started listening to your Podcasts on iTunes. And when I went to visit my gradmother, and I went up to her and said how beautiful she looked, and how much I missed her in italian, she was so proud of me and almost started crying because of how proud she was. Thanks sooo much, now I am able to communicate with my grandmother on a deeper level.


    Sincerely, Zoe.

  21. I am a shanghainese. my boyfriend is a Italian. But he seems not like me at all. Maybe only one side feeling.:(
    I want to learn some basic Italian to give him some surprise.

  22. Hi there, I am half Italian and I grew up in italy until I was 3 years old in which I then moved to new Zealand and learnt English. Unfortunately I never kept up my Italian and have to learn the language again. The majority of my family live in Italy, and although I visit them quite frequently, I am still not fluent in Italian. These podcasts are a real big help 🙂 Thanks alot !!!

  23. I love the Italian language and these podcast are great. I listen to them often and they have really helped me become fluent in my Italian. Keep up the good work…

  24. Questo è fantastico! I’m a New Zealander, with an Italian father and have spent lots of time in Italy, staying with relatives who spoke no English. I managed to convey most things I wanted to say, and got lots of practice while over there, but being back in New Zealand, I’ve forgotten a lot, but I’m definitely going to get back into the language, as it is so beneficial, so this is great!! Grazie mille!! 🙂

  25. ciao a tutti, sono italiana ma vivo in austria dove lavoro come insegnante. ho appena scoperto questo sito internet e non ho ancora avuto modo di ascoltare i podcast, ma è fantastico leggere dei feedback tanto positivi. e poi trovare dei cultori della mia madrelingua mi fa molto piacere.
    in bocca al lupo a tutti! con affetto, francesca

  26. Grazie! This is the best thing yet on my iPod. I bought the thing for music but all it does lately is playing your podcasts. I even got other people buying iPods just for your lessons. I will subscribe very soon.
    Keep up the good work!

  27. Bravissimi!!!!!!
    I miei studenti adolescenti apprezzano l´utilizzo delle nuove tecnologie.
    Perché non fate delle offerte anche per le scuole? Come insegnante mi piacerebbe usare strumenti nuovi per l´apprendimento della lingua.

  28. Ciao!

    Excellent job guys! I’m an Italian American, trying to get in tocuh with my Italian Hertiage a little closer for a trip to Italy, there are NO italian schools around here (Language) schools , but thanks to you guys I am seriously already understanding basic sentences, etc.

    I went into the Italian Pizza Shop today, and overheard them discussing how the waitress was being too slow, she was american so she was clueless, they were speaking in fluent Italian. I couldn’t help but laugh and be amazed by how nothing more tan 25 of your lessons I already had above basic comprehension!

  29. This is awesome!
    I really love the Italian language and with your lessons it’s so much easier to learn!
    Grazie and keep it going 🙂

  30. I am so excited about learning to speak Italian! My mother and grandmother used to speak Italian to each other, but I never learned. I love the podcasts so far (I’m up to edipode #4)!

    Thank you Jane and Massimo for providing this great podcast!

  31. I could not download some of the episodes a message tells me there was no server found.

  32. Carlos, due to very high volume of traffic, you may have experienced a server time-out while requesting some files. Please retry in a few minutes – the server is working properly and the files are all OK. Thanks for your patience!

  33. After a recent iPod malfunction, I had to reload all these podcasts. As I checked out this first episode to see if the darn iPod was working, this episode seems a bit different than it was, am I right? If so, have any other episodes been changed in any significant way that I need to check out? I replay the older episodes anyway, so I guess I’ll find out soon anyway.

  34. Dan, a while ago we have released a new, updated version of episode #1, beginner level: “Say Hello To Your Italian Friend!”.

    We’ve given notice of it on the right-hand sidebar of this website. Our plan is to re-record beginner level 1-20 in order to add useful information to the episodes, improve the quality of the sound, and speak more often at regular speed.

  35. thank you so much for doing this great job, I can learn Italian now, I love Italian!

  36. This is great. I’m travelling to Italy later in the year for vacation, and just wanted to pick up a few words and basic sentances.

    Coming up with this website was a great idea!

  37. ¡Hola, amigos! No se si entienden español. Yo entiendo un poco ingles, pero quiero saber tambien un poco de italiano. Soy y vivo en Argentina y estoy muy feliz con estos podcasts. ¡Me parecen fantasticos! ¡Felicitaciones! Great! Grazie!

  38. This is so great site!! helped me a lot to create the envornment in my room. I do not have to go to Italy for that..lol

  39. I would like to thank you for a great pod-cast. I have purchased different italian programs, but they’re not even close in quality to what you’re offering. I shall subscribe very soon.

  40. Heiii 😀 Jut one question.. It’s probably great (at least it sounds like that) but how do I download it? Do I have to have quicktime pro? :S

  41. Ciao, Jane e Massimo!

    Vi ringrazio ambidue per aver organizzato questo sito di web per coloro di noi chi vogliamo imparare od amigliorare il nostro italiano.

    Sono americano, e studio, parlo, scrivo, e leggo l’italiano da più che trent’anni. È la mia lingua preferita. Non sono stato in Italia che due volte, ma sono innamorato totalmente con la bella “lingua di Dio” e con la cultura del bel popolo italiano. Non vedo l’ora di poter abbonare allo servizio pieno di questo sito per poter massimare la mia abilità in questa lingua, e per poter fare degli amici nuovi, non soltanto in Italia, ma dappertutto nel mondo.

    In bocca al lupo a tutti! 🙂

  42. Grazie mille, Jane e Massimo!

    I just found your website after three years of trying to learn Italian by several different frustrating methods. You are the best that I have ever seen with your repetition of phrases that can easily be listened to over and over, interesting topics, and fun personalities.

    Your website is fantastic, especially for the intermediate learner who needs more examples of phrases in order to use the prepositions correctly, learn idiomatic expressions, and to get the accent right.

    Do you have plans to add a more advanced level? You are doing such a great job. Don’t stop now! Keep going, please. Many, many courses cover the basics but there is a real need to spend more time perfecting the language at the higher levels, too

    Thank you for such a wonderful service to all. And I hope we will see an advanced level coming out soon.

    Grazie mille,
    Saraswati Kieran

  43. Hello!! I’m from Brazil and I’d like soo much this course. I’m living in France to study but next week i’ll visit Italy. This course has been very important to me to learn to speak italian.
    Thanks !!


  44. ciao jane, ciao massimo!

    i´m 20 and i´m from brazil too! i always wanted to learn italian, but is very hard to find time. And also with many web sites and podcasts, is a litle hard to find a fine course. this one is very good! Congratulations!

    The best thing is that i am learning italian and english at the same time!! =D


  45. this site is GODSENT !!! i luv it……i’ve been tryin to learn the language but for professional courses its soo costly it’ll blow ur minds out !!! this site works very very very well !!!
    thanks a lot

  46. Ciao,

    Io parlo un po d’italiano, ma non so come formare
    uno dialogo quando sto parlando con una persona…

    thank you.

    i hope your podcast really works!

  47.  This is great! My girlfriend is Italian and I am hoping that me learning the language will allow us to communiacte better. Grazie

  48.  Ciao!
    How do I get a hard copy of the lesson. I am a new learner + am a visual learner as well as an auditory one.

  49. This is so great, thank you for making your podcasts available free online. I’m American with Italian roots and am going to Italy to meet relatives in a few months. These podcasts are a tremendous help in brushing up!

  50. Buon giorno. I am from Greece and I love Italy, Italian people, culture and language. This site is exquisite!!!

    Grazie mille

  51. All these are very good podcasts. I am British but live in Napoli and i have found this website to be invaluable and it has helped me to build my life here in this amazing city and country. Thank you to all who are responsible!

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