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26. Man’s Best Friend (That’s Amore!)

  Level: That's Amore!

LearnItalianPod Let’s find out what Italians’ favorite pets are. About a year ago, a major Italian association who protects animals run a survey asking Italians to indicate their favorite pet. You will not be surprised to hear that the dog is still “man’s best friends” followed by (who else?) the cat. – But some Italians got creative and they said they would love to have a snake pet, or a goose pet, or even a donkey pet! – So, let’s learn all about pets and animals, and let’s practice lots of useful Italian words and expressions that you can use in any “real life” conversation in Italian. Enjoy!

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That’s Amore! – Episode #26

44. Our Little Puppy Toby

  Level: Beginner

Tobia is the Italian name of Jane’s nice little puppy and he likes hiding everywhere. Massimo is looking for him on the bed, under the sofa, and behind the plant. Let’s see if he can find him so they can go play outside – it’s such a beautiful day! Today we are learning and practicing some Italian prepositions, like “sopra” (on, above, on top of), “sotto” (under, below), and “dietro” (behind).

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