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29. The Holiday Cake War (That’s Amore!)

  Level: That's Amore!

LearnItalianPod Since Christmas is just a couple of days away, let’s talk about the two traditional cakes that all Italians will have on their table on Christmas Day: the world famous “Panettone” and “Pandoro”. – Like every year, the competition between these two delicious cakes is fierce: some Italians prefer “Panettone”, others prefer “Pandoro”. So, let’s learn all about the all-Italian “holiday cake war”, and let’s practice lots of useful words and expressions that are sure to take your Italian to the next level. Enjoy!

VIP Members Only: Login to the Learning Center to find the full transcript of this lesson in Italian and English, the premium audio containing the examples from the lesson with plenty of extra sentences with blank spaces after each sentence so you can practice your pronunciation over and over, and some great interactive flashcards, English to Italian – so each flashcard will challenge you on “how to say something in Italian when you are thinking in English” – a great, “real-life situation” exercise.

That’s Amore! – Episode #29

6. What Does Christmas Mean To You? (Listen Up & Learn)

  Level: Listen Up & Learn

LearnItalianPodLearn Italian with – Episode #6 of the extra-useful “Listen Up & Learn” lesson series is entitled “What Does Christmas Mean To You?”. — Let’s get into the spirit of the Holidays with a beautiful story that is sure to inspire you and at the same time to train your ears to truly understand the Italian language! – Then, after listening to this inspiring tale, take the “7 Question Challenge” and test your comprehension and speaking skills by answering to seven questions about the story. Buone Feste A Tutti! (Happy Holidays To Everyone!)

[Holiday Greetings… The Italian Way! – LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, a super useful audio file with PDF transcript entitled “Holiday Greetings… The Italian Way!“, a terrific way to learn and memorize everything you need to know to celebrate the Holiday season… the Italian way!

Listen Up & Learn – Episode #6

50. They Arrested Santa Claus! (Culture Shot)

  Level: Culture Shot

LearnItalianPodChristmas is just a few days away, and, to get you into the holiday mood, what could be better than celebrating Santa Claus? But, as you will see, this is definitely not going to be a traditional celebration… In fact, we’re reporting an incredible piece of news from Italy: in Naples, they have arrested Santa Claus! – And so today, in a nice twisted way, we’re going to dedicate Culture Shot #50 to the icon of the holiday season, Babbo Natale!

On the grammar section, we will review “how to ask questions” in Italian together with some of the most interesting words and expressions from the story. — Oh, and one more thing: if you are a LearnItalianPod VIP Member you will love today’s extra bonus, as it contains everything you need to know to celebrate this holiday season… like Italians do!

[The Italian Holiday Season – LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus!] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, a super useful audio file with PDF transcript entitled “The Italian Holiday Season“, containing everything you need to know to celebrate this holiday season… the Italian way! Practice this terrific extra bonus to learn how to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” in Italian plus many, many more useful words and sentences!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.50

31. Filastrocca di Babbo Natale (Culture Shot)

  Level: Culture Shot

LearnItalianPodThe Holidays are upon us and, to get you into the spirit of things, we would love to dedicate today’s episode to one of the “all time” symbols of kindness and generosity — and that is, Babbo Natale! We are going to celebrate Babbo Natale (Santa Claus in English) with a couple of lovely Italian filastrocche (in English, “nursery rhymes”) which have been around forever and which – you can bet on it – every little kid in Italy knows. – Last but not least… Jane & Massimo wish to all of you a very Happy and Merry Holiday Season; from the bottom of our hearts, thanks to each one of you for your incredible support. Grazie, grazie, e ancora grazie a tutti!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.31

6. How To Say Merry Christmas (HTI)

  Level: How To Italian

How To Say Happy Holidays

The Holidays are just around the corner and, to get you into the spirit of things, what is better than to learn how Italians say “Buon Natale” (Merry Christmas) or “Buone Feste” (Happy Holidays) to their friends and loved ones! Let’s see how two friends share their plans for the Holidays and how they say “Buone Feste!” to each other.

And the most important thing of all: Jane & Massimo would like to wish each and everyone of you out there a very Happy and Merry Holiday Season – from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for your incredible support – grazie, grazie, e ancora grazie a tutti!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.6

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