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30. How To Deal With Street Annoyances (HTI)

  Level: How To Italian

LearnItalianPodLearn Italian with LearnItalianPod. VIP Member Rachel from Miami, Florida, says: “When I was living in Italy a couple of years ago, there were quite a few times when I encountered difficult situations while walking on the street. For example, with men approaching me and trying to get my phone number, street vendors trying to sell me something I didn’t want, or people asking for money… ”

“I never really knew how to deal with these kind of experiences in Italian, as if I tried to be polite, I think I always came off as being encouraging! I think a “How To Italian” episode on how to safely get out of these kind of situations, while being polite yet firm, would be a great idea for people getting ready to visit il Bel Paese!”

Terrific suggestion, Rachel, grazie! So, here it is: “How To Deal With Street Annoyances”… the Italian way!

[“The Parts of The Body” – LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus!] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, an audio file and PDF transcript entitled “The Parts of the Body“, containing all of the “must-know” parts of the human body in Italian – and, even better, the PDF transcript contains a chart with a drawing of the human body which will allow you to see each body part while you listen to its name, so you can learn faster while having lots of fun!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.30

29. How To Break The Ice (HTI)

  Level: How To Italian

LearnItalianPodAntonio, a longtime LearnItalianPod VIP subscriber, responded to our survey making a very good point. He said: “When it comes to start and keep a conversation in Italian going, that’s where I get frustrated. Most of the time, I don’t know how to start a conversation, and I end up asking “yes or no” kind of questions, so the conversation is over before it begins. Add to it that when Italians speak, they speak fast! – Or, to try to be nice with me, they speak English! I want to speak Italian with them!” – No worries, Antonio, as LearnItalianPod comes to rescue! So, let’s find out how to ask someone to speak slower, to keep speaking in Italian, and finally, let’s learn and practice a few “icebreakers” that are sure to keep the conversation going. Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.29

28. How To Cook Perfect Pasta (HTI)

  Level: How To Italian

LearnItalianPodLearn Italian with! Simon and Penny, two friends and LearnItalianPod VIP subscribers, have just returned from a fantastic trip to Italy. Simon says: “Thanks to your lessons, which had covered so many situations and given us such a grasp of the Italian language, we had a fantastic time: making an effort to speak Italian has transformed the holiday experience! We have one request for a podcast though. You have covered eating out many times, but we bet many of your listeners are also keen cooks. How about a lesson dealing with cooking terms and equipment?” – What a terrific suggestion, Simon! So today, let’s learn the “7 golden rules” for cooking the national dish of Italy… pasta! Uh, we almost forgot… buon appetito!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.28

27. How To Confirm A Reservation (HTI)

  Level: How To Italian

LearnItalianPodLearn Italian with! Rebecca from Melbourne, Australia, a longtime supporter and LearnItalianPod VIP subscriber, sent us a terrific email. She says: “How about a lesson on how to confirm a hotel reservation on the phone? I have made some of my hotel reservations for Italy on the Internet and, as every smart traveler should do, I will be calling ahead before my trip to confirm “la prenotazione” (the reservation)! I think there are a lot of other travelers who could benefit from such a podcast” – Excellent idea, Rebecca! So today let’s find out how to confirm a hotel reservation over the phone. Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.27

26. How To Do A Job Interview (HTI)

  Level: How To Italian

LearnItalianPodLearn Italian with! Jenna from New York, a dear friend and a longtime LearnItalianPod VIP subscriber, is going to move to Italy very soon. She’s determined to find a job, perfect her Italian, and make it in the international tourism industry. She sent a lovely email that says “how about a lesson on how to do a job interview? You know, just the general questions, the ones common to all job interviews… I think that it would be really useful to a lot of people like me looking forward to work in Italy for a while…” – Loved the idea, Jenna! So today let’s find out how to do a job interview and land that job in Italy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.26

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