30. Ready To Enroll! (Intermediate)

  Level: Intermediate

Ready To Enroll! - L'Iscrizione Alla Scuola

Learn Intermediate Italian with Podcasts! This is usually a time when people make resolutions and think about the changes they plan for the year ahead. Let’s say that you’ve decided to take your Italian to the next level by becoming a LearnItalianPod subscriber, then by planning to go to Italy and register for an Italian class… great! If this is the case, you’ll find today’s lesson quite useful – in fact, we are going to learn a few expressions that you will most definitely use if you ever find yourself enrolling for a class in Italy. Enjoy!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 30

7 Responses to "30. Ready To Enroll! (Intermediate)"

Dante Says:

Ciao!!! Jane e Massimo!!…Grazie mille per questa lezione!..”Two thumbs up”..

ciao e a presto!!!!!!

Lyna Says:

Ciao Massimo e Jane!

I know I can get all the dialog transcripts if I become a subscriber but I kept on having problems with registering so I’m trying to manage without the transcripts.

Anyway, in the sentence “Massimo, sai che ____ mi piace degli studenti stranieri che studiano Italiano in Italia?” what’s after che? I keep on hearing “colo” but i think it’s “cosa”?

Molte grazie:)

LearnItalianPod.com Says:

Lyna, that is “cosa”.

Dan Says:

Quando ho sentito “inanzi tutto” credo che hai detto “non si tutto” -ma cosa vuol dire “non si tutto”?

Penso che ho sentito questa frase qualche volta ma non la posso trovare sul WordReference o sul dizionario.

Maybe they were actually saying inanzi tutto??

Thanks for the great podcasts! I am really enjoying my subscription and would not have caught this if I didn’t have the transcripts! Dan


LearnItalianPod.com Says:

Dan, it’s actually “innanzi tutto”.

brian Says:

 why is deve and not “devi” ‘you must’ being used? Is it because they are speaking formal as in “Lei deve”?

Tatjana Says:

Ho una domanada – “innanzi tutto” – o -“innanzitutto” – c`e una diffenerza?

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