25. Living In Italy

  Level: Beginner

Our VIP Member Francesca was bitten by the Italian bug some time ago, and she decided to move to Italy. She now lives in Siena, studying Italian and working as photographer. Let’s see how she’s doing while we learn how to conjugate some useful verbs like “studiare” (to study), “lavorare” (to work), “viaggiare” (to travel), and “amare” (to love).

5 Responses to "25. Living In Italy"

Shigeharu OIWA Says:

I have written down every dialog or story for biginners until lesson 25. Of course, I listen to everything many times also. My study is like that.
1) Listen to each lesson without thinking so much!
2) Listen again and concentrate!
3) Write down each dialog while Jane and Massimo read it slowly.
I learned how to exercise foreign languages in order to take a test of English at seminer this month. So I use your Italian i-pod as a good teadhing material.
Althoughm, my training is not enough. I think that I have to say each story without listening i-pod and seeing papers…
Finally, I have just bought Collins Learning Italian Dictionary in order to correct my every mistake. I hope that you will publish it vaery soon.

lucy Says:

i feel like i’m always in sync with these lessons. before i started lesson #25, i decided i needed to look up how to conjugate some of the verbs we’ve been using. to be. to have. to go. and i start this lesson, and BAM! it’s about conjugation and verbs. :-) i love my italian lessons!
grazie jane e massimo!

Mark Neariug Says:

Love your lessons! In Beginner’s 25, pdf file, Supplemantary Vocabulary in the conjugations you have “I amo”. I assume that should be “Io amo” as in other places? Thanks!

Maria Says:

Hi, I’m a bit confused with the prepositions “a” and “in”. Sometimes you use one (studio a Sienna ) and others the other one (vivo in Italia). Is there a rule as to when we should use one or the other? Thank you very much!

Andres Says:

 I understand that you use “a” when it’s a city and “in” when it comes to a big region or a country. There may be other rules but I know that’s one of them. Hang in there, I’m going through the same process.

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