3. What Is Your Name?

  Level: Beginner

You’ve introduced yourself, and started a conversation – great! Now ask your new friend: “What is your name?”

7 Responses to "3. What Is Your Name?"

Tommy Says:

Hi Guys – I really like the fact that I can repeat the words over and over – it’s easier to learn and remember! I’m about to go see my friend Roberta – she speaks fluent Italian – let’s see if I can impress her… Look forward to the next lesson!

toto Says:

excellent podcast, great stuff
do you know what would be really awesome, if you do another difficulty level, do a full italian version ( no english ) and spoken slowly, for those who understand italian but cannot speak it ( spanish and french speakers, etc.. )

LearnItalianPod.com Says:

Yes, we are actually planning on doing another difficulty level – intermediate – and that would be only in Italian (spoken slowly).

wendy Says:

Jane & Mossimo: Thank you very much for your lessons. I am on #3 of the beginner lessons, and enjoying them very much.

Mikhela Says:

Grazie per i podcasts!
Io mi chiamo Mikhela, non sono Italiana – but I’m learning!

Monica Says:

I wish I had found this podcast a few years ago when I went to Italy. I did ok but this would have helped alot. I’m going back this October and I’m so glad I found this podcast! By the time my trip comes, I should be pretty well-versed. Thank you both!

filip Says:

I’m so glad to find this podcast it has helped me to really speak italian in less than 5 month i say thanks again to learnitalianpod and big thank for Massimo and Jane (grazie molto a voi).

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